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The Justin Bieber documentary “Believe” will end its four week run in theatres with just seven locations starting today. Yesterday the flop infomercial made just $1,000 in 77 locations. The total take comes to $6.2 million.

This news comes in a week when Bieber, 19, had a police raid in his suburban Los Angeles home on a complaint from his neighbor that Bieber egged his house. The neighbor is claiming $20,000 in damage. The local sheriff’s department, already annoyed with Bieber over past indiscretions, arrested one of his pals during the 8:30am raid for cocaine possession. They also confiscated Bieber’s cell phone. Who knows what else they will find?

Bieber had a successful world tour in 2013. But his new album, “Journals,” was as much of a disaster as the film. His audience is pre-tweens who rely on parents for money to buy all his tickets, albums and merchandise. Bieber doesn’t seem to realize that his behavior in the last few months– including showing up late for concerts– is now having a deleterious effect on his sales.

Justin Bieber started out on YouTube seven years ago. He could wind up back there very quickly. The wheels are starting to come off his multi-million dollar wagon.

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