Home Celebrity “American Idol” Second Day Ratings Collapse From Premiere

I am rooting for “American Idol,” as I told you yesterday. But the ratings for Thursday are bad news. The second day of “Idol” was a disaster. The demo rating fell from 4.7 to 3.9. The total viewers went from 15.19 million t0 13.35. Basically around 2 million sampled the show on Wednesday and did not return. Ruh-roh.

“Idol” still won the night. Keith, JLO and Harry narrowly beat a re-run of “The Big Bang Theory.” The whole CBS night consisted of reruns. But soon first run episodes of their competition will return. And then I’m really worried. Why did those 2 million people leave?

I really hoped we weren’t headed into a long trend downwards. Maybe the producers have some ideas. They should be implemented quickly..

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