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EXCLUSIVE: What we’ve all been waiting for may actually happen at last, sort of. You can’t have a real Beatles reunion anymore, sadly. But David Letterman’s people, I am told, are working along with CBS to make a partial reunion happen during the first week of February.

Of course, Letterman tapes at the Ed Sullivan Theater, where the Beatles made their American debut on February 9, 1964. The plan is that the Letterman show will make the entire week of February 3rd to the 7th a Beatles spectacular. They are talking to Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr about playing at least on one night, probably the Friday– February 7th. That’s the day the group arrived in 1964.

Letterman is on CBS, and so is the Beatles special being taped in Los Angeles on January 27th and airing on CBS on February 9th. That’s the exact day– Sunday the 9th– the group debuted on Ed Sullivan and changed the world.

McCartney and Starr have a lot of motivation. Aside from just the celebration, the Beatles are releasing a box set of their US releases on CD on January 21st. As much as this seems like yet another way to wring money from their fabled catalog, there are some actual pluses. I will buy it just for the “Hey Jude” album and for “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.” So will everyone else around the age of 50.

Who will else will “Letterman” feature that week? We’ll have to wait for a formal announcement. Adding in Dhani Harrison, Julian and Sean Lennon, would be just great. Paul Shaffer must be swooning at just of this coming off. It will be quite amazing.

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  2. Julian Lennon has John’s voice down pat, what about one of George Harrison’s sons filling in for him? They could try to harmonize with Paul, whose voice is a bit ragged now and I am sure Ringo is up for any challenge. He could also sing Yellow Submarine @ one point, why not? If these four got together for a tour, EVERYONE would probably go see them at $200.00 or more per ticket & even higher. They are sitting on a [live show] musical goldmine & they don’t even know it.

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