Home Celebrity Box Office: Bieber Busts Believers, Frozen Nears $300 Million

Despite bad weather, a lot of people went to see “Frozen” even though it was freezing outside. The Disney blockbuster nears $300 million domestic take now. All memories of “The Lone Ranger” are — hi ho!– way in the distance.

Justin Bieber’s “Believe” remains a bust without believers. Through Sunday the infomercial has not cleared $6 million. The estimated take for today, Sunday, was $138,000, or the price of one of those cars Bieber smashes up in his driveway.

The big news is that “Philomena” is about to cross the $20 million mark. The Stephen Frears directed dramedy is a phenomenon. Everyone loves this movie. Judi Dench still hasn’t done much publicity since she’s been in the UK. But she’s coming to the US next weekend. She will be amused how much people want to see and talk to her.

Three other potential Oscar nominees are all in the top 10 and doing well– “American Hustle,” “Wolf of Wall Street,” and “Saving Mr. Banks.” “Inside Llewyn Davis” is finally taking off. “August: Osage County” is doing great in limited release.

The big big duds: “47 Ronin”– cost $200 mil or more, only $32 mil in the bank. And “Enders Game” which must be pretty bad because even the foreign market couldn’t save it.

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