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We were told to “Believe.” But something went very wrong. Here’s the layout for Justin Bieber’s flop documentary, as reported by Open Road Films. That poor little company must be wondering what the heck went wrong. Answer: constant police reports on TMZ, bodyguards being arrested, drug use, spitting on fans, the whole enchilada. Watch numbers get smaller and smaller. If the trend continues, by Friday the theaters will be empty. As it is, 52,000 people in the US went to see this movie yesterday in 1,037 theaters. They must have been lonely.

Monday 12/30/13 Gross:              $416,188


Wednesday       $1,250,000

Thursday             $1,012,500

Friday                   $790,022

Saturday              $680,179

Sunday                 $537,366

Monday               $416,188


Cume Thru Monday 12/30/13:  $4,686,255

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  1. Roger, for the love of god, give it rest. You’re right, the film tanked and it was awful. Chu and Braun played a part in that. But yes, it was a bad year.

    But, seriously, are we trying to finish this kid off? He’s taking a break and hopefully will get himself together.

    Lets give him a chance. He’s not the first teen to mess up and he won’t be the last.

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