Bruce Springsteen had “high hopes” for his album of that name, due from Sony on January 14th. But someone evidently uploaded it onto early, or amazon.con accidentally did it themselves this afternoon. Billboard caught it and wrote the news as if Sony and Springsteen knew this. Was it a Beyonce type sneak attack? Or was it some kind of retribution for Sony giving iTunes Beyonce’s digital album in advance, and cutting off amazon?

Don’t know. But right now there’s an ad running on the web that looks like it’s from iTunes for “High Hopes.” When you click on it, it takes you to “High Hopes” is no longer available to download from amazon.The link that was there now says the page is ‘unavailable.’

But people who bought it and downloaded it are the ones who have now uploaded it to sketchy file sharing sites. Those sites are infected with Malware, so proceed with caution. Better to wait until January 14th.

Some UK Newspapers, by the way, have posted reviews of the album from the download. And Billboard says it’s going to publish one on Monday.

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