Home Celebrity Bieber Bombs: “Documentary” Drops 19% After First Day

School’s out so there’s no excuse. Justin Bieber’s beliebers have not shown up at the cineplex for him. His “Believe” movie opened on Wednesday. The next day, yesterday, the film dropped 19% at the box office. The film went from $1.25 million on Wednesday to $1 million on Thursday. That means even in a limited release, “Believe” is a dud in the making.

That may also explain proclamations of retirement by the teen pop star this week.

The 19% drop is particularly worrying because the other movies pitched at kids– “Walking with Dinosaurs,” “Frozen,” and “The Hobbit”– all had significant increases on Thursday from Wednesday.

Meantime, the holiday weekend’s biggest loser, “47 Ronin,” dropped 47% from Wednesday. Whoever went on Christmas Day obviously didn’t recommend it to friends.

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