Home Movies Justin Bieber Taunts Fans with “Retirement” on Eve of Film Flop

Justin Bieber keeps saying he’s going to retire. It won’t be soon enough. But isn’t the 19 year old “pop star” trying to rile his fans into going to his new ‘documentary’, called “Believe.” This stinker arrives today in some theatres. Its success or lack thereof may be a referendum from the land of teens on Bieber’s future. The infomercial has no advance reviews, and a low profile on the internet.

Unlike his “Never Say Never,” Bieber’s new ‘film’ has trouble written all over it. At last week’s L.A. premiere, Bieber dressed like Cathy Rigby playing Peter Pan in Branson, Missouri. Meanwhile, his new “Journals” album hit iTunes at number 1 yesterday but then started to slip down the charts. Beyonce’s new album returned to Number 1 on iTunes within hours.

It’s the retirement business that’s so weird. I almost feel bad for this kid. Here are his most recent tweets:



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