Home Celebrity Woody Allen: Punished by Golden Globes for Not Coming to Show

I was wrong. I said a few months ago that Woody Allen’s Lifetime Achievement Award from the Golden Globes guaranteed him a Best Picture nomination for “Blue Jasmine.”

Boy, was I wrong!

Once Woody announced the obvious–that he was sending Diane Keaton in his place to the Globes show on January 12th– that was it. The group gave him nothing. No Best Picture, Director, or Screenplay for “Blue Jasmine.”

The actresses Cate Blanchett and Sally Hawkins were nominated, however. But nothing for Woody himself. Retribution for his no show decision? It seems pretty odd that you’d give someone a Lifetime Achievement award but ignore his current much applauded work. Yikes.

PS Somehow the HFPA got Woody to come down and see them recently at a New York hotel. On their website, the HFPA has pictures (naturally) and a quote from Woody that thinks of them as family! Not anymore, I guess.


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