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This is a relief. Justin Bieber is releasing his Manic Mondays singles as a digital-only album on iTunes. And it will only be available for a short time. Bieber’s released six or seven singles on consecutive Mondays, all incredibly rushed and terrible sounding. None of them took off on radio, as I reported, or charted beyond their first couple of days of release.

To celebrate this, Bieber will release the singles with five other songs and some other detritus as an “album” on iTunes beginning December 16th until January 2nd. After that all of it will still be on iTunes as singles but not in its marketed package titled– ahem– “Journals Vol. 1.” I know, yikes already.

The other good news is that Bieber says he’s planning on taking an actual vacation soon. And no new album until next fall 2014. The bad news is that he has another insipid promotional film coming out shortly called “Believe.”

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