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Reports coming back from Martin Scorsese‘s “Wolf of Wall Street” starring Leonardo DiCaprio  have nothing to do with the length of the movie (three hours). But there are some other lengths that people may be comparing. One of them is said to be a thick dripping red candle inserted into the “Titantic” star’s derriere by a dominatrix.

Apparently, she waxes, while he wanes.

Another is a question of whether Jonah Hill goes full “Wahlberg” or if a prosthetic is involved in another scene in which Hill has a public moment of exposure.

The DiCaprio candle scene, one spy said, reminded viewers of Madonna’s wax dripping scene from “Body of Evidence.”

“All the actors have a lot of skin in this game,” reports one spy.

All of this is based on the true life recollections of not-imprisoned-long enough Wall Street Jordan Belfort, who apparently has his own Hitchcock like scene in “Wolf.” Some other cameos are said to include curmudgeonly writer Fran Lebowitz, who was once the subject of a Scorsese documentary. A few people have pointed out that shoe tycoon Steve Madden is played by Jake Hoffman, Dustin Hoffman’s talented actor son.

But back to the sex. “Wolf” is said to be the sex equivalent of the violence from “GoodFellas.” There are said to be orgies on planes, in living rooms, just about everywhere. The only person who isn’t naked is Matthew McConaughey, who I’m told does give a sublime performance in one scene–just as I thought from the original trailer. He could wind up competing against his “Dallas Buyers Club” co-star Jared Leto in Best Supporting Actor.

So far, “Wolf” has been overlooked by the New York Film Critics Circle. But as critics groups roll out their awards, the Scorsese film– which sounds like a crowd pleaser– is undoubtedly going to turn up on many top 10 lists including the Academy Awards.



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  1. Yessiree !
    Keep the filth ambushes going ! This nation destabilization technique comes right on the heels of feminism and Sodomy . The blowback (no pun intended ) from this irksome display of disregard for self discipline will topple the neat little Socialist piles infecting America .
    Nope we won’t riot so you can call out your militarized thugs but you will be dealt with all the same .
    Animals .

  2. Why would Scorsese do this and diminish himself? This is more of the “gaying” of America, and sadly, Marty comes off as desperate to stay hip and relevant.

  3. Yet another reason why I long ago stopped going to the movies to see the latest perverted ‘offering’ from Hollywood.

    They ‘offer’ and I decline.

  4. I’ll pass judgement right now: I don’t care and it won’t even be a rental. I’m not shocked, merely bored by the desperate tripe that is being spewed by Hollywood. If you have to stick a candle up your butt to sell a ticket, you might want to check yourself.

  5. DiCaprio, even though he is a liberal, has been a really good actor. It is kind of a shame that he is adding sticking things up his bongo to his resume.

  6. You are what your handle name is; i.e., PartyofKnow because you are definitely know how the communists and the rest of the enemies of America operate. The Naked communist is just one of the books that tell how to destroy America, But, do the college elite read these type of books to be in the know? Of course not, they are being fed leftist propaganda like courses in Global Warming 101, Recycling 102, and why we hate America, 303.

  7. @Caligula

    american’s ‘taboo against sex”??? what planet do you live on?

    americans used to have on average of almost 4 children per family from about 1910 until 1960. That also means that 33% of American families had more than 3-4 children. where did the all of these babies come from then? a stork???!!!!!

    then came the sexual de-volution and the pill and sex with multiple partners.

    now we don’t even produce 2 children per family.

    the country and pensions are dying.

    we are dying of minimal population growth, hence fewer people putting into fund-raising programs and taxes.

    we are dying from uncontrolled STDs which in turn is causing health insurance to sky-rocket. unborn children and our future US citizens are dying.

    sex outside of marriage kills. it kills countries, it kills people.

    Americans always were for “sex”. We simply used to keep most of it within the family unit, between husband & wife.

    No many Americans do it with multiple partners and we have a society on an unlimited slide into corruption & decay.

    so I don’t know how you can say “american’s taboo against sex”. There is absolutely no historical proof to your comment.

  8. So tired of that same old story: I cheated people and lived the high-life, went to jail and wrote a book. Can’t Hollywood think of something better??

  9. Another piece of Hollyweird trash. When are the Hollyweirds going to get over themselves–better put, when are they going to fall out love with themselves with their lewdness, poor judgment, and their disgusting idea of “art”?!

  10. Such goings-on can never match the humorous work of Danny DiVeto when you portrayed a medical examiner who kept a collection of stuff that he’d pulled out of people’s butts during autopsies – mostly TV remote controls for people that were experimenting with Anal Surfing..

    Leo does a candle! Whooptie-do!!! Rex Reed long ago reported that DeCaprio is hard to direct. Did he take to this scene naturally or did they have to do 50 takes? Inquiring minds want to know….

  11. I have to ask myself, why? Why would a man, who’s directed and produced such meaningful movies as has Scorsese, want to produce something so vile as a soft porn flick?
    And then I ask why it is, A list actors and actresses want to demean/ diminish their own person by even lending their name to something as disgusting as this?
    And then finally, I have to ask why the average movie goer would even want to see something like this in the first place?
    And after thinking about the motivations of the last group, I finally realize the answer for why the previous 2 would even consider it.

  12. Another sign of the end of times, depraved writers, depraved actors and actresses. Purity is a higher thing. How God must cry. Do not go to see this vile film.

  13. Goal #25 from The Naked Communist by Cleon Skousen written in 1958 on how to best Destroy America from Within “Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio and TV”. CHECK

  14. Shocking to the sensibilities perhaps because it deals with the taboo-in-America subject of sex, but not shocking coming from Scorsese given his canon of extremely graphically violent films…which I appreciate.

  15. A lousy way to make films. This is one more R rated peep show that will suffer at the box office because of its excesses. I will wait for the “tv version.”

  16. Scorsese is a fantastic director and Dicraprio is an excellent actor. Let’s see the movie first and see if the scenes are within context and contribute to the story before we pass judgement.

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