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I don’t know who or what is putting together tonight’s premiere of “Out of the Furnace.” But the “Deer Hunter” like movie’s producers must be nervous their invited guests aren’t coming. Or something. The public is welcome to buy tickets to the “Furnace” premiere in person or online at the Landmark Sunshine on Houston Street. I’ve managed twice this morning to reserve a group of 10. All I had to do was give my credit card. Sadly, I will be at Elton John’s sold out show tonight at Madison Square Garden. But if you’re interested in seeing Scott Cooper’s brutal vision along with stars like Casey Affleck and Christian Bale, then $13.50 is your way in. Scott Cooper will be there for a Q&A after the show. “Out of the Furnace,” by the way, has a respectable 70% on rottentomatoes.com

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