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You may be wondering what happened to Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe’s daughter? She was sent to a school for troubled teens last June after a suicide attempt, and that’s where she’s been all this time.

Now I’m told that Paris, who’s had a hard time adjusting to the rules and regulations of the school, has earned enough good behavior points to join her classmates on a field trip. They’re on their way now, and that’s where Paris will be for Thanksgiving. Remember, Katherine Jackson is a Jehovah’s Witness and doesn’t celebrate holidays. So Paris might as well be with her pals.

TMZ ran a story today from a “source” claiming Debbie Rowe and Mrs. Jackson had a meeting at the school today to get an update on Paris. “Debbie is calling these stories in to TMZ,” says an insider. If that’s true, she didn’t tell them about the field trip. I know where the kids are going. I’ll tell you where it was when they return.

According to my source, Paris has missed a few trips in the past because she wasn’t so cooperative. But things are changing. Her behavior, they say, will be watched closely now to determine if she can go home for the Christmas break. We’re rooting for her!

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  1. She needs to disassociate herself completely from the Jacksons and their top to bottom craziness. If the recent rumor that MJ wasnt her biological father turned out to be true it would be the best thing for her.

  2. I’ve read 3 completely different stories about Paris in the past 3 days. Each of them is an entirely different story. Debbie Rowe is not a source to any media. One of the stories was from Tanay Jackson who claims to be Tito’s daughter and she’s not his daughter. Paris communicates with her mom and Katherine via Skype video.

  3. NOT in UTAH – the school and recent grad students confirm this
    TMZ got pictures of Prince and family visiting Paris in hospital – same hospital she was put in last summer, just 3 weeks ago. The Jackson lawyers I presume told them to cover the story with BS saying she is in UTAH

    One of Michaels Brothers is the only one telling the truth – Paris is still being held in a psych ward against her will. She called a help line because she realized she didn’t want to die so she should have been released long ago.

    THE REAL REASON THEY WON’T LET PARIS OUT OF HOSPITAL – according to several reports which quickly get deleted, Paris is telling the hospital staff all the family secrets- like MJs affair with Freddie Mercury, and she is threatening to tell the truth online. The family are going to keep her drugged and locked up for as long a possible

    The other reason – If Paris gets her way and moves in with her mom, then her 80K per year allowance, which Katherine is still using to pay rent on the mansion and give to the other kids,goes to Debbie. Saying Paris needs to be locked up until she is 18 or until they drug her to death, is allowing the family to keep the press and the estate from knowing the truth.

    There were videos of prince leaving the hospital only a few weeks ago, and now more BS about her bing in a boarding school

    Why the estate won’t go and visit and rescue her is a mystery

  4. Paris is a beautiful child, both inside and outside. I cannot imagine how such innocent beauty survives in the world as it has become for her. For those of you who doubt Debbie Rowe, remember that she started a relationship with Paris when Paris reached out to her last year. Many teenage girls totally depend on their mothers to help them through their growing years. Ms. Rowe obviously has much to give Paris …. things Paris cannot get elsewhere.

    Try some empathy … imagine you are teenager Paris Jackson. Take a look around yourself. Now think … of all the family members you are surrounded by, including Debbie Rowe, who would you be most comfortable with if you were a fairly “normal” person?

    My vote goes to Debbie Rowe! She’s the only person related to Paris who has two feet on the ground. Please don’t judge and condemn her when you know nothing about this woman – she may be Paris’s only connection to a comfortable life.

  5. Hello Roger :-) So Katherine Jackson became aware of the TMZ entry and asked you to get her some good publicity :-) Paris Jackson should be celebrating Thanksgiving with her brothers :-) not with some pals in some remote place where she has been stowed away so Katherine Jackson has a hassle free life :-) In lending your services for purposes like this you prove you are unconscionable. You think it’s appeasing to read she “earned points” so she can take part in a field trip??? She did nothing wrong. In fact, whatever happened – ask Katherine Jackson and the rest of the family, not Paris Jackson. I think the wrong person was sent off to that place. In fact, all of the family should have been sent away for therapy a looooooooooooooong time ago already – and Paris should be home.

  6. “I know where the kids are going. I’ll tell you where it was when they return.”

    …Why, though? She’s a minor.

    By the way, Paris and her siblings still celebrate holidays, even though Katherine does not. They celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas and birthdays, etc. with their cousins.

  7. Thank you Roger, for not telling where they are going and calling TMZ out. I am sure Michael is smiling on you now :) I hope this place is effective, this poor girl will have to make it on her own now. Hopefully she knows or is coming to realize that her Father’s love is forever and always with her to support her, and that she now needs to find a mentor or two or three to get her through. I don’t think she has one yet….sending her love and keeping her in my prayers!

  8. The people who really have the problems are Debbie Rowe, and Katherine Jackson with her children, not Paris Jackson. Allow me to paraphrase Paris’s father, Michael Jackson:

    “That’s What You Get for Being Polite
    I wish to God that she would see just love
    Give her love…
    (Jack still) Don’t you know she cries
    (Jack still) Don’t you know she’s scared
    (Jack still) It’s often for her love, yeah, yeah
    Don’t you know, don’t you know, don’t you know, don’t you know
    Don’t you know, don’t you know, don’t you know, don’t you know
    She cries, she cries because there is a lack of love”


  9. I’m so happy Paris is progressing. But the last thing she needs is to go home and spend time with her father’s family now. She’d be better off in boarding school until college.

  10. Most inmates have hard time adjusting to the rules and regulations of jail. Those Utah “boarding schools” are punitive institutions, designed to break the spirit of their charges, a Lowood Academy for the modern age. What’s being done to Paris Jackson is a crime. Prince spoke the truth as well, but they didn’t ship him away. The idea that Debbie Rowe, whose interest in her children only reaches as far as her bank account, should have anything to say about this child’s life is disgusting.

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