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The new U2 album is on its way. I told you a few weeks ago that the album would make the first quarter of 2014, that the video work had commenced as well as the marketing materials. Now comes “Ordinary Love,” the first single, written for the soundtrack of “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom” which premiered last night at the Ziegfeld.

I hung out on the red carpet with U2’s two managers, the famed and brilliant Paul McGuinness who’s been with U2 since Day 1, and Guy Oseary, who’s coming in to work with Paul after his tireless guidance of Madonna over the years.

No, Guy told me, there will be no Madonna-U2 duet on the new album.

Paul did tell me that the album will come in March, maybe right after the group wins an Oscar for their “Mandela” song. They should.

Milling about with us on the red carpet: Oscar buzzed “Mandela” stars Idris Elba and Noamie Harris, plus Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who co-hosted the screening. No sunglasses, no aides or assistants running about. No Devil Wears Prada. Anna and McGuinness have been friends for literally eons. She was very comfortable.

Also on hand: the great beauty Iman, without David Bowie, very low key also.

Harvey Weinstein is passionate about “Mandela,” Justin Chadwick’s comphrensive and absorbing take on the life of a historic, great leader. Harvey introduced the film and the filmmakers and Bono, who himself was introduced by Nelson Mandela’s daughter, Zenani. She sang his praises.

Keep an eye on “Mandela,” especially Idris Elba and Noamie Harris. They are very much in the Oscar game. Elba is kind of a rock star because of his TV work in the UK. He is a towering presence as Nelson Mandela. SAG voters in particular are loving his performance.

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  1. I won’t believe this album is coming out until they literally say that they’ve finished final mixes. In 2009 they said they’d have another album within the year.

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