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Lady Gaga‘s ARTPOP dropped 81% in sales for its second week and fell to number 7 from first place. The album sold 50,154 copies, down from first week of almost 260K. ARTPOP will be written about one day as a huge marketing failure, unique in every way. After a long, much ballyhooed build up the finished product simply fizzled.

Lady Gaga– Stefani Germanotta– will learn a lesson about hubris from this experience. Maybe. She directed the entire campaign, went against the advice of others, and wound up losing a ton of money ($25 million seems severe, but lots) for herself and for Universal Music.

This means ARTPOP has sold just 300,000 copies in two weeks. Where are all her fans and ‘monsters’? They certainly didn’t like what they heard. But as I said before, ARTPOP was a gigantic misfire. Gaga tried to shove the art world down the throats of the fans. They didn’t want it, and they were confused by it. What had they related to was Gaga as champion of the underdog, the gay kid, the bullied kid, etc. Jeff Koons was not in their realm.

The flop album may yet affect more things, like a tour. It will be interesting to see if she can sell tickets to concerts with music no one bought. The best solution is get back with producer RedOne, add some songs to an ARTPOP 2.0, and try and revive the CD. It’s been done. But Gaga will have to listen to someone other than herself.

PS Eminem retook the number 1 spot with his Marshall Mathers LP 2. He sold 127.000 copies, about two and a half times as many as Gaga.

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  1. Marketers are debating a failure which of course they ascribe to marketing. But maybe, just maybe, the music wasn’t very good. I don’t think the high art angle alienated fans so much as it jarred with the very banal and forgettable tracks that trailed the album. This was already on the cards with Born This Way which had massive hype but was really cheesy and a bit crap. Lady Gaga herself has not progressed. Either musically or in the messages behind it. As an apparent follower of fashion she should have appreciated its short attention span. The Dumper awaits!

  2. There’s no way lady gaga sold 1.2 million on the second week of release it makes no sense when art flop only sold 600k roughly on the first week WW she hypes her own self only so it could back fire on her it’s likes she’s doing everything on purpose to make her self look desperate nobody talks about her anymore and when they do it’s nothing but bad things poor gaga she should take time off and come back 2 yrs from now lets just hope she doesnt fade away but with the way things are looking she’s her 15 minutes of fame are coming to an end .

  3. Selling 127.000 copies in a week is what it takes to be number one these days? Having grown up with Beatles sales number, I’m surprised how far the music industry has sunk. And the world is likely sick of Lady Gaga, but Stefani Germanotta can take her $100 million and go back to playing classical piano.

  4. pop art is 40 yrs old…. gagging and throwing it back up is not art at all. To call it art it would have truly be new and a change in period she doesn’t even understand the linguistics….take an art history class ga ga

  5. If you flip album cover upside down – the blue orb looks like an alien head. plus, right side up – its positioning – you cant help but link “art pop” with “fart poop” just awkwrd…

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  8. Somebody seems to be taking a lot of pleasure from Lady Gaga’s less-than-successful new release. Wonder why? Is she detracting from the incredibly un-talented Miley Cyrus? or one of the Kardashians? Gaga is outrageous and sometimes offensive… but she is outrageous in an artful way… even her worst critics would have to admit that she tries very hard. Cyrus and the Kardashian girls have only one thing to offer – sex – and even that, they do without a hint of class.

  9. wow, I’m surprised Lady ga ga goo goo actually thought her followers would understand and appreciate real art and weren’t just rabid consumers of Music Industry garbage. Seems she overestimated the depth and substance of her fans. If you took the time to research music, go see local bands, art shows, and performers, you would know the “New, hip and trendy” stuff on the shelves is already 5 years old by comparison. If you follow the mainstream for what’s “now”, you are way behind.

  10. Just as she replaced Madonna as the “shock diva”, she too has been replaced by Miley Cyrus. The public has grown tired of her theatrics and the press is moving on.

  11. “… a huge marketing failure, unique in every way. After a long, much ballyhooed build up the finished product simply fizzled.

    “Where are all her fans? They certainly didn’t like what they heard.”

    You can’t call it a “marketing failure” when her fans “didn’t like what they heard”.

    It takes more than slick marketing to sell an album when the market doesn’t like the music it contains.

  12. I live for the day when singers are singers again, not performance artists with horrible voices. You never saw Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Andy Williams, Rosemary Clooney sing with a bunch of gyrating men and women behind them to take your attention away from their horrible singing because they could sing and sing well. There are a few young artists who have really wonderful voices who can carry off just standing on stage and singing. Carrie Underwood is one of them, but those like Madonna and Lady Gaga have to use gimics to get people’s attention. Just them singing on stage would be agony.

  13. Watch out all her (Lady GaGa’s) little critters will fill-up your inbox with hateful messages if you say anything bad about her online. I made a very brief anti-GAGA statement and had 15 messages.

  14. Artistic value and money don’t go hand in hand. You choose one or the other but when you try to be greedy with artistic ability and quality…it’s going to blow up in your face….you got was you deserved gaga

  15. Geez no comments here? No defenders? Her goose really is cooked. I think pretty much everyone, other than a few die hard fanatics, is bored to death with her schtick..

  16. Her monsters are all right here listening to ARTPOP 24X7. We have waited since 2011. The monsters love ARTPOP. We love the album cover and we love Jeff Koons. ARTPOP has sold 1.2 million copies worldwide. It’s not nearly as much as what Born This Way had sold in two weeks, yet ‘flop album’ is an obvious overstatement. And your “soultion” is nothing short of insulting. You cannot instruct Gaga to work with anyone. She is an artist more than she is a pop star, and if you wish to argue with that statement, I suggest you look at her twitter updates. Apart from Jeff Koons, she has worked with Marina Ambramovic – performance art veteran and Bob Wilson – theatre personality who designed her VMA stage and worked with her on recreating art classics which are currently on display at the Louvre. She will work with RedOne whenever she wishes, eve when she does she will do so without the shallow intention of making a hit to please every pair of ears. I cannot believe the hypocrisy in your article. You’ve written for films that made it to Cannes and Sundance and you sit there demeaning the art of a fellow artist.
    What angers me the most is you speaking for the monsters. You can have an opinion but don’t shove words in our mouths.

  17. She needs to get back with Rob Fusari as well as with Red One. Those two consistently got the best out of Lady Gaga. Artpop had the songs. But the production really let the album down. Instead of being a trailblazing album that sounded fresh, it just sounded like everything else from 3 months ago. Fire Zedd. Fire Will I Am. Fire David Guetta. Even take Rick Reuban out of the equation. He hasn’t done anything relevant other than Adele for a good 10 years now.

  18. Everything mentioned in this article is just brainless, mouthbreathing junk. Tie these fools to a chair and play them some Charlie Parker, Little Feat, Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, W.A. Mozart and Willie Nelson.

    Moron “culture”.

  19. Well, I really don’t think it’s because the album is too arty or left-field therefore people didn’t connect or they didn’t get it. It’s as simple as this = The songs are horrible. There are a couple of songs I do enjoy on the album “Artpop” the title track, wich sounds too depressing for most people and “Gipsy” the only true gem on the album, although not nearly memorable enough to be a sizeable hit. There’s also another factor, even if Gaga had teamed up with RedOne and made a The Fame 2.0 people would still be sick to death, she would still be an erratic mess behaviour-wise, and the controversies from stealing and lying would have still hurt her numbers.

  20. It was a warning sign when she said she was going to put “art” into pop music. When you have to tell people what you are trying to do, that’s never a good sign. Real artists just do it and they let the audience tell them what they have done- if it’s successful, you don’t have to explain it to everyone.

  21. There has never been anyone that I have ever wanted to see fail more than her/it. That chick has the grossest body of any other woman on Earth. I’m willing it would be a neck and neck race between gag-gag and Pelosi.

  22. I think she became too political and too niche-specific too early in her career. Madonna and Cher had diverse fan bases for decades before turning into gay kitsh. Not a good place to start your career when your target audience is only 5% of the population.
    Also, trying to sell Obamacare when its at 60% disapproval while trying to sell an album likely wasn’t wise.
    There is no reason to divide people. Everyone should feel welcome when buying music or concert tickets.

  23. Lady Gaga should stop forcing herself on the public. We have enough to deal with, with the govt forcing communism on us.

    If Gaga still has what it takes, then she should take a year or two off, produce some new material, and come back as a talented figure. Leave the meat and the light bulbs at home.

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