Home Theater Monty Python Reunion Now 5 Shows (Remember My 100 Show Scoop, Kids)

The Monty Python reunion has been extended to five shows from its original one. Please do remember my scoop about 100 shows all over the world. One Python expert told me: “They will never do it.” Oh yeah? I told you that the Pythons are in it to win it. They need money. They brought in manager Jim Beach (another exclusive) to organize this thing into a moneymaker.

Now the Pythons will do shows July 1-5 at the O2 Arena. So far. The first show sold out in a millisecond. If these go as well– and they will because ticket brokers snap up chunks by computer programme (I thought I’d spell it that way for fun) before you can ask about a dead parrot on someone’s head– there will be five more shows. And then one show each in New York and Los Angeles.

You never expected the Spanish Inquisition? Well, you were wrong. The Pythons are coming. It won’t something completely different. But it will be a lot of fun. AEG Live now seems firmly in charge.

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