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Conrad Murray isn’t happy to have killed Michael Jackson once. He had to do it again. The recently sprung from jail Murray has given an interview to the Mail of London, undoubtedly for some remuneration, in which he trashes Jackson again and describes himself as a hero. It’s shameful, of course. But I doubt any U.S. publisher would have caved in for this crap.

Among other things, Murray paints Jackson as an invalid, a sad, quivering incontinent mess who would have not have survived as long as he did without the doctor’s help. Murray talks about putting a condom on Jackson’s penis for a catheter because he was incontinent, that Michael could only wear dark colored pants because he “dripped.”

The biggest drip is Murray. He claims that Jackson injected himself with the fatal dose of propofol, and that essentially he killed himself. Murray also claims no knowledge of Jackson’s dependency on pharmaceutical drugs including Demerol. He reminds me of Franz Liebkind, from “The Producers,” who tells Bialystock and Bloom re Hitler and the Nazis that he knew nothing: “War? What war? Ve vuz in the back!”

Murray won’t get this open door treatment in America. No one wants to hear from him. No one.

One other thing: Murray now says he bonded with Michael because they had each terrible fathers. Well, Murray never addresses the real story of his own father, who was a doctor, and how he got in trouble for similar problems: http://www.showbiz411.com/2011/09/29/conrad-murrays-bad-doctoring-like-father-like-son

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  1. what a horrible and viscous article… this is not journalism… it seems to me the author was jealous in not being able to handle the “king”‘s phallic like the doctor admitting to having to do to get the catheter in… showbiz411 should be ashamed if they had a soul to feel it with….

  2. sadly the doctor is probably correct… you michael worshippers don’t see that it was michael that killed himself because you want him to be blameless… seems to me you might want to seek help with this infatuation.

  3. If Murray knew Jackson was an addict, as his So called Doctor, he should have tried to help him, but Murray was more interested in getting as much money out of him as he could. He did not want that gravy train to stop. Guy’s worthless.

  4. the sad thing in all this was his family never helped him.. they all road the cash register he generated! when he did that thriller album was the start of his health decline and surgery’s after surgery’s and pain pills and sleeping. yet it looks like his family especially the parents never lifted a hand to stop through a intervention. they all were riding the gravy train to the end even after death they still tried to extort money through the courts. the quicker his kids reach maturity the sooner they can break the yoke of the sleazy family! as for the dr while we will never know for sure but i actually believe him.

  5. Conrad is a terrible doctor. He should have either withdraws his services or turned him over to get help. But Jackson was a self-imposed disaster. Telling the truth of how bad off Jackson was towards the end is not “killing” him again.

  6. Sure.

    MJ was in great health.

    He was perfectly normal.

    Everything this doctor says is totally unbelievable.

    Yeah right.

    Roger Friedman are you on the same drugs that killed MJ?

    “Murray won’t get this open door treatment in America. No one wants to hear from him. No one.”
    Actually there are a lot of people that want to hear what he has to say.

  7. Murray wasn’t a good doctor, and now, he’s not much of a human being either. The court should have put a muzzle on him when they let him out. Part of the original sentencing, shuold have been, “Shut your yap.” He’s too stupid to shut it himself.

  8. Sounds like Friedman “knows” what’s in the heart of Dr. Murray and the mind of Michael Jackson, without any knowledge what so ever other then a one sided opinion and a big mouth. People read your crap? What a joke.

  9. The website asks: “What do you think?” Presumably about this story. Honestly, I wouldn’t even have read this had it not been linked on Drudge. Now that I have read it, I wish I hadn’t bothered. It seems some people are of a mindset on Jackson’s doctor being somehow complicit in his death. Why they want to believe this and why they continue to make a story out of it? .I don’t know. Possibly some obsession. Possibly try to get mileage out of the story for personal gain. Who knows? Maybe they’re right, but to date I’ve seen nothing that would convince me that Jackson’s doctor should for some reason be hauled in and then sent up the river. One can armchair quarterback this til the cows come home, but without proof positive there’s nothing to see.

  10. not sure why you think this way, aside from the sexual controversies of Michael, he was in poor health and a basket case emotionally and physically, do you really think Michael would have lived much longer without Conrad Murray ? He would have found some way to enable him, just like Elvis could find some doctor who would accommodate his sickness.

  11. An around freak show. The sane, silent, majority of people are out of the loop. They just are in a position of sitting back and having their culture dominated by degenerates and they’re mystified by it all. The strangeness of it.

  12. I’m not surprised by the comments of this “doctor” who keeps hitting up Charon for the gold spares like the rest. Surprisingly, this (unverifiable) (unsubstantiated) new piece of…drip doesn’t faze me as I might have thought it would, nor do anything to blunt my appreciation for the music and the music man, since we’ve all long been alienated from relating to MJ as a person. The story of this dancer of macabre will continue to unfold in postfaces of greed, while the rest of us can continue to be reminded of 3 things at the beat of ever-unfolding revel-ations to revel in: 1) Yes, it is possible after-death for the world to continue to needlessly hurt your children like they did you when you were just a kid, 2) expect more scoops of droppings of the type favored by eschatologists, like the much-awaited scatology report of Michael’s final meal (WHERE IS IT ALREADY!), but all of it won’t matter a drip because it all just confirms what we know that 3) Michael WAS A HUMAN BEING (same can’t be said of whatever Conrad Murray is) and prone to all the same physical disorders. My grandmother suffered from similar conditions before she passed. I loved her very much…and still do.

  13. Michael Jackson hand picked his personal doctors, for years this was his pattern. Dr. Murry was evaluated by Jackson and fit the kind of profile Jackson sought. Dr. Murray was “owned” by Jackson from day one. Even after two years in jail with millions of citizens shouting he was a “murderer” Murray still walks about not realizing how needy he was as a man and as a doctor. If he had any common sense and could leave his sick narcissist self alone long enough to be honest with his self, he would go to his native country (Trinidad?) and try to get a license so that he might truly help the needy in that impoverished island.

    I doubt this will occcur…he is too sick an individual and evil lurks within his soul.

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