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Last night: more people watched CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory” than all the shows on NBC combined. “BBT” had 18.59 million people tuned in from 8 to 8:30pm on CBS.

Over on NBC, the Peacock Network’s feathers drooped as the entire line up didn’t garner a commensurate audience. The numbers were 2.98 million for “Parks and Recreation”; 2.69 for another “Parks and Recreation”; 2.97 for “Sean Saves the World”; 2.80 for “Michael J. Fox’ and 3.1 for “Parenthood.”

The NBC total came to 15.01. That’s considerably lower than the “BBT” total. Basically almost no one is watching NBC on Thursdays. It’s hard to say if there’s anything that can be salvaged. “Parks and Recreation” is over. I hope they get to film a finale. No one cares about “Sean.” And “Michael J. Fox” — it needs a complete overhaul. “Parenthood” is the “Sisters” of this generation. No one knows it’s on.


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