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MONDAY 12:43PM-– Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP sales figures for week 2 are being counted now. Expect a HUGE second week drop in sales as the album is already number 17 on iTunes. In one week it went from number 1 to 17. It’s in free fall. Not good.


FRIDAY: History repeats itself. Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP album is set for a huge second week sales drop. Numbers are counted on Monday. ARTPOP sold 260,000 copies in its first week. Now hitsdailydouble is saying the album will do somewhere between 25K and 50K for its second week. That would be roughly an 80% drop.

So far the record holder for second week sales drop is Madonna with her “MDNA” album. But guess who’s number 2? Why, Lady Gaga of course! In 2011, her “Born this Way” album racked up such a huge second week drop that she finishes at number 2 on the list behind Madonna.

The drop for ARTPOP would be be greater, except its first week sales were smaller than both “MDNA” and “Born this Way.”

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