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ARTPOP has pooped out. The Lady Gaga album has already fallen from number 1 to number 8 on iTunes. Its reign at the top of the charts lasted for a split second. By Monday, when the weekly numbers are counted, “ARTPOP” may beat Madonna’s last album for the distinction falling farthest from number 1 ever. Madonna’s MDNA fell almost 85% in its second week after release in 2012.

The biggest problem with ARTPOP is no hit single. I’ve been writing about this for a couple of weeks and now I see Business Week picked up on the theme today. Gaga needs a breakout hit from that album. She currently has no song in the top 10.

“Applause” has done alright, but they are still searching for something. If only Gaga would listen to marketing people, or get a manager (or ask Troy Carter to come back). There are still a few choices on the album. But hubris may be the problem.

Brace yourselves, monsters. Monday may not be a good day in Gagaland.

No asked my advice, but this is a hit:

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