It’s a busy morning in the teen pop world. Justin Bieber had the number one spot on iTunes for one whole day with his R Kelly duet called “PYD (Put You Down).” Like all Bieber songs, “PYD” had its moment, however brief. The teen pop world is fickle, you know. New song, new day, new number 1. And the successor is One Direction’s “Diana.”

However: big problemo.

I don’t know which songwriting team concocted “Diana” from the scrap heap of sampling. But the music in the verses rip off the verses of The Police classic “Don’t Stand So Close to Me.” You can substitute the words from Sting’s composition into the One Direction ditty. I guess they figured Bruno Mars did it, so why not? But this seems more blatant.

What fun! and it’s not even 12 noon!
One Direction:
The Police:

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