Home Music Lady Gaga ARTPOP Comes in At Number 1 with 260K Copies Sold

Well, it’s not the edge of glory, but it’s all we’ve got. Lady Gaga’s “ARTPOP” album came in at number 1 with 260,000 copies sold according to hitdailydouble.com. It’s a far cry from her “Born this Way” album but really, nothing is like it used to be in this world. Is it? ARTPOP needs to catch a big hit single on the radio and then it will move.

So far, “Applause” has been okay but not huge. The R Kelly duet “Do What U Want With My Body” actually gets better with every play, but I’m not sure that’s the one. Interscope is trying out “Gypsy.” I think “Manicure” or the title track might do it. Singles are tricky. “Edge of Glory” was not popular when the album came out, then it took off.

Gaga had a lot of songs for ARTPOP including a duet with Cher which she didn’t use. Ironic since Cher’s done so well with her new album. Maybe there will be an ARTPOP 1.2 with added songs.

Interscope does NOT lose $25 million as some idiot blogger wrote last week. And when Gaga hits the road for an ARTPOP tour, millions will pour in. With this album,  however, Lady Gaga, has fallen to Earth with a thud.


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