Home Movies Disney Over Estimates “Thor 2” Weekend Take by Whopping $1.8 Million

Pretty strange: Disney-Marvel over-estimated their weekend take for “Thor: The Dark World” by $1.8 million on Sunday. Today boxofficemojo.com got the actual numbers, and it seems that the studio gave “Thor” a whopping 4.9% more box office income than it really earned. The actual total was $36,586,016. Originally, Disney had said “Thor” made $38,454,000 from Friday to Sunday. A 4.9% mistake is actually quite a lot in the box office Sunday game. Most movies come in between 1 to 2% of the guesstimate. It didn’t affect “Thor”‘s rank at number 1. It still beat “The Best Man Holiday.” But the wrong number inflated “Thor” by nearly two million dollars in all its rankings.

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