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Alec Baldwin is in hot water for allegedly shouting a gay slur at a photographer last week. The anger management incident– number 4 million for Alec– came in the wake of Baldwin’s crazy court case against a woman he claimed was stalking him. The woman is now in jail for seven months, and that’s a whole other story. In court, Alec testified that the woman was really the mistress of “Scarface” producer Marty Bregman.

Bregman and his wife Cornelia were probably surprised to hear this. The popular producer is 82 years old, has walked with a walker for many years, and is now confined to a wheelchair. But okay, whatever. Maybe Alec should have done a little fact checking first.

But the big irony in the gay-slur part of the story: the judge who ruled for Baldwin and jailed the woman is gay. Robert M. Mandelbaum is not only openly gay, but last year he was involved in his own legal squabble. His late father, Frank Mandelbaum, left $180,000 to his grandchildren–those alive or still not born. He dictated that Robert would have to be married to the mother of his children for them to get a cut.

Judge Mandelbaum and his partner have a baby son born through surrogacy. The probate court ruled that Frank Mandelbaum’s crazy rules for inheritance would probably stand. So Baby Mandelbaum was not going to get his inheritance because Robert Mandelbaum’s partner could not be considered the baby’s mother. It’s unclear if they ever settled. Calls to the baby’s court appointed lawyer were not returned.

It’s also unclear what Judge Mandelbaum thinks of his decision considering what happened when everyone left the courtroom last week.

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