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Now that we’re into the heat of Oscar nominee speculation, let’s posit this: George Clooney and Tom Hanks could each be superstar nominees in Best Supporting Actor. In fact, Hanks could be a double nominee as he’s a cinch for Best Actor in “Captain Phillips.”

After seeing “Saving Mr. Banks,” it’s pretty clear that Hanks will be a contender for playing Walt Disney in the Supporting Actor category from that film. (Emma Thompson should be a Best Actress nominee from that film, too, although I’m not sure about the film itself).

Clooney of course will be a favorite from “Gravity.” Had his “Monuments Men” made the deadline, he might have had as slew of other nominations as well.

Then: who else? I’m very keen on David Oyelowo from “The Butler.” Also Bobby Cannavale from “Blue Jasmine.” Chris Cooper is very good in “August Osage County.” Michael Fassbender is excellent in “12 Years a Slave.” Barkhad Abdi is a find in “Captain Phillips.” Steve Coogan is solid but not flashy in “Philomena.” Daniel Bruhl is outstanding as Niki Lauda in “Rush.”

If you’re just seeing Will Forte in “Nebraska” this weekend, you’re probably thinking Wow.

There’s a whole question about Matthew McConnaughey, so good in “Mud” and “Dallas Buyers Club.” But those are leads. He’s supporting in “Wolf of Wall Street,” which still no one’s seen. Ditto for all the folks in “American Hustle.” There’s also talk of Jared Leto’s scary-thin performance in “Dallas,” too. But is it actually thin? We’ll wait and see.

I do wish there were a way to put Michael B. Jordan into supporting for “Fruitvale Station.” He does support the two women, and he doesn’t make it to the end of the  movie. If he were in that category, he’d win hands down.



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