Home Movies Scorsese Film Gets Latest Premiere Possible; “50 Shades” Moved to 2015

Martin Scorsese and co. are working like crazy to finish “The Wolf of Wall Street.” I can tell you that the movie will get a star studded New York premiere, but really, really late. “Wolf” is set to walk down the red carpet on December 17th at the Ziegfeld Theatre. That’s two days after everyone’s left town. It’s also two weeks or more after the New York Film Critics and other groups have to announce their awards.

Hmm… How is this going to work? Because even if film groups see “Wolf” in some form around December 1st, when Scorsese is back from the Marrakesh Film Festival, that leaves two more weeks to fiddle with the film. And you know they will…”Wolf” opens nationwide on Christmas Day…

“50 Shades of Grey,” a disaster in the making, has been moved to February 2015. Let’s just say they’ve been handcuffed to that day. The film was supposed to open on August 1, 2014. But you know, casting issues have held it up. Now it will arrive for Valentine’s Day. In 2015. Which is too far away to think about now.

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