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It’s nice to hear that Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and TLC have all been lined up for the American Music Awards. Unfortunately, they are relevant to nothing concerning January’s Grammy Awards.

Perry will open the AMAs with her current single called “Unconditionally.” She will not sing her monster hit, Roar, the only single of hers to make the Grammy eligibility deadline of September 30th. So let her sing the new song and get off the stage. The Grammys will get her for the song everyone wants to hear, not the follow up.

Jennifer Lopez: she hasn’t had a real hit in years. She’s not Grammy material anyway. And she’ll lip synch to some convoluted  dance number on the AMAs.

TLC: they are now an emeritus group headed to Las Vegas. They are not chasing waterfalls, just a meaningful paycheck. They wouldn’t be on the Grammys anyway.

The AMAs will be fine, but they will also be cheesy. Yesterday someone alluded to this column saying that things have changed, and that performers can do both the AMAs and the Grammys. Oh no they can’t. And if deals have been worked out for Perry, Gaga and Timberlake, the AMAs will settle for a second tier song or a less spotlighted performance.

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  1. Roger-

    I never said the rules have changed overall, what I did say what that the Grammys would likely change the rules solely for Timberlake because he is a Grammy darling. Please do not twist my words and please allude to the full comment I made. I would respectfully ask to not be misquoted and have my words distorted. I enjoy your website. Thanks.

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