Home Music Lady Gaga: Will ArtPop Benefit from Flying Dresses, Drug Confessions, Jeff Koons?

ArtPOP is here. Or ARTPOP. However you capitalize it, can Lady Gaga capitalize on all the noise surrounding it? Yesterday she introduced the world’s first flying dress. In the last few weeks she’s been naked, played different characters, and admitted she became addicted to drugs and alcohol during her hip surgery recovery. She’s also dragged contemporary artists Jeff Koons and Marina Abramovic into the mix.

And now it’s time for ArtPop. The album is released officially today, and it’s already number 1 on iTunes, of course.

Along the way Gaga has essentially dumped the manager who made her number 1, Troy Carter. She’s out on her own. If ArtPOP sinks or swims, it will all be Gaga’s vision.

She already has to overcome the huge debut of Eminem’s new album, which will the charts tomorrow with between 700 and 750K albums sold. Can Gaga beat that number? It’s unclear what will happen. She hasn’t had the out of the box hit Eminem had with “The Monster.” (And isn’t ironic that Gaga’s fans are “little monsters”?) In the Eminem hit, Rihanna sings that she’s made friends with the Monster under her bed. Is that monster Lady Gaga?

I’ll say this: Gaga has a great great voice. Just watching her on the live stream last night of her Brooklyn concert is elucidating. Her voice is full of power and melody. I can’t wait for her duet album with Tony Bennett. When you watch the live stream, you’ll see it’s all her. Unlike most pop stars right now, there does’t seem to be a lot of augmentation.

Now if she can just get a real hit single to drive that album. Let’s see what happens this week.


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  1. She, Gaga, needs to dump the freaking costumes. It takes away from what she really is and really sounds like. I’m so distracted whenever I see her perform (online) that I can’t listen to the music.

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