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Last night’s “X Factor” should have perked up the ratings from Wednesday. Alas, it was not the case. The Simon Cowell hosted program pulled in a frighteningly low 3.64 million viewers, down a million from Wednesday. This was even with Selena Gomez appearing on the show. But she didn’t sing because “X Factor” on Thursday was really a do-over from Wednesday. A technical glitch cancelled all the registered votes. Things are going wrong big time. Is “X Factor” ex-hausted? It sure seems that way. It finished 12th for the evening. It was also wiped out from 9-10pm by NBC’s competing show “The Voice.”

Here’s a video from last night. Honestly, though, how any one can stand this kind of singing anymore is beyond me. I guess I was ruined by last night’s Ronnie Wood-Mick Taylor show. If someone put this “Titanium” on a mixtape for me, I’d be insulted.

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  1. I tell my wife who loves all these shows is that all the singers sound like they’ve gone to the same singing school..sound the same …I couldn’t be a judge on these shows because i would throw out every contestant singer because they all suck that’s how bad they are..no real talent just generic singers.

  2. Look – this show and American Idol have run their course. Blacks are suing Idol because there was “racism” (yawn – BORING), and even brain-dead viewers have had it up to here with self-absorbed celebrities babbling the same nonsense.

    Put a fork in ALL of these phony “reality” shows – they are DONE.

  3. I’ve been shocked at just how bad most of the talent is this year. I keep asking myself if the judges are deaf. They seem to be more concerned with stage presence and glitzy moves than whether or not these people can sing. I think the expedited eliminations & weeding out of contestants failed miserably. I’ve been watching as a curiosity; but don’t know if I’ll watch much more this season. The Voice has done far better in choosing contestants for the live shows; plus the banter and interaction between the judges is far more entertaining. If Fox renews XF; I’ll be amazed. Cowell should have stuck with Idol.

  4. I think they need to get some older singers…..young is ok. but…….. besides the show is fixed…….they already know who is going to win…….this is just to sell CD’s
    not a true open mic contest…….people know whats going on………can’t lie to them forever…

  5. it’s too much about the person and not the music or the team making the music – typical modern western corporate ego music mentality … the best musicians and bands work as a team, touch you and bring you along for the ride.

  6. The X Factor is too focused on making the judges the centerpiece of the show instead of the amateur contestants. And face it, the judges comments are not really worth hearing. Their personalities come across as shallow and self-serving and their remarks are hollow. I lost interest after a few shows this year and quit watching.

  7. Saturday Night Live Has Never Asked Whoopi Goldberg to Host the Show (Exclusive)- it’s probably because she’s a racist, not very funny and the condition of her pride is very ugly indeed.

  8. The judges are the pits. The contestants are mediocre and whoever mixes sound for this show needs to be fired. It’s Karaoke with stupid dancers to take your mind off the singing. It sounds like the music is a block away from the vocalist as it is with Idol. They could learn to mix for TV from The Voice.

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