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Tom Cruise testified under oath in September at a deposition that Kate Holmes left him to protect daughter Suri from Scientology. He also admitted that Suri, unlike his two other children, is not studying Scientology. Cruise also conceded that he didn’t see Suri from August through late November 2012 and missed her first day of school.

That’s not all. The revelations are thanks to good reporting from RadarOnline.com. They unearthed the deposition in a lawsuit Cruise brought against Life & Style magazine, and its publisher Bauer magazines. Life & Style published an article claiming Cruise had “abandoned” Suri. Cruise sued. The deposition was taken in September. Bert Fields’ office represented him in the deposition. Life &Style/Bauer is represented by Elizabeth McNamara.

RadarOnline.com has posted some of the papers, and will have more tomorrow. McNamara managed to ask the most revealing questions ever with Cruise–about his marriage, children, Scientology, etc. It’s more than just fascinating. It actually made me feel bad for him a little bit. Scientology seems to have wrecked his life, and he has no idea of it.  You wonder when he gives the answers if he knows what they mean.

But here’s the main thing. McNamara gets Tom to concede that Katie Holmes left him to protect their daughter from Scientology. He admits that she has never again spoken to anyone in his family since she left, including his two older childen. There is a long discussion of suppressive persons and what that means in Scientology.

More to come.

Here’s a link to the deposition: http://amradaronline.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/depo20001.pdf


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