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Stay tuned for updates: The online versions of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” may be dead for good this time. Jeff Kwatinetz’s Prospect Park Productions is said to be on the verge of announcement that they’re done. The company built a big studio in Stamford, Connecticut, fought with the local IATSE union people, as well as other unions. They produced around 40 or episodes of each show.

But throughout the run of the shows on Prospect Park’s Online Network, via Hulu, the production company had problems. They almost immediately cut back the run from four episodes a week to two per soap, claiming “research” said viewers couldn’t keep up with the pace. Prospect Park also conducted an unnecessary fiat war with ABC, which licensed the show to them. Prospect said they had trouble writing “One Life to Live” because ABC had killed off three of their characters on “General Hospital.”

This argument was ridiculous since soap fans know soap characters can be killed off on camera and return several days later. (See “SoapDish” Kevin Kline, Whoopi Goldberg and “I can’t write for a man who doesn’t have a head.”)

Once Prospect sued ABC it gave them an excuse to “shelve” “One Life to Live.” Now the word is that on Friday they will do the same with “All My Children.” A union insider said they’ve heard Prospect Park is pulling out entirely.

Kwatinetz has a long checkered history in showbiz, well chronicled by Google, including the downfall of his agency The Firm, its successor agency with Mike Ovitz, his brief management of Kelly Clarkson and Britney Spears, rehab, and his engagement to the later Brittany Murphy. (If he’d used any of those story lines for the soaps, they might have stayed on the air.)

Considering the ratings rebound of soaps, and the terrible ratings from their replacements, ABC would do well to reboot the shows at 30 minutes apiece. Their “General Hospital” is booming now.

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  1. General Hospital did not kill off 3 OLTL characters!!! They only killed off Cole and Hope. The third character they ruined by insinuating that Tomas Delgado and Luis/Lorenzo Alcazar were the same person. But they did not kill him. Also GH made it seem as though Cole might still be alive and was watching Starr at the crash site!!

    Prospect Park has turned out to be a bunch of morons and dimwits!!!

  2. I agree to cancel Katie. She didn’t even want to do that show, and it shows… It’s a terrible show! Bring back AMC and OLTL in 30 minute segments… That would be awesome!!

  3. Today, we are pleased to announce the official launch of our campaign to get ABC to bring back AMC and OLTL to the network!

    The first task of the campaign starts TODAY!!!!!!!

    We want you to send Victoria Dummer, the executive in charge of daytime programming at ABC an Ecard for the Holidays!

    We would like you to send either a custom photo card or a Holiday greeting. We have placed in the Files section of the group, step by step instructions on how send an Ecard. For those of you choosing to do a photo card, we have placed photos in the group for your use.

    This first email will be themed to AMC and the Father Clarence character.

    We want everyone to use the tag line: Dear Father Clarence, All I want for the Holidays is AMC & OLTL back on the air on ABC!

    We want to overload her inbox!!! Send as many cards as you can. They are FREE!

    You can also Tweet Ms. Dummer a Holiday message at @vickiabc123

    Send her traditional Holiday Cards:

    Victoria J. Dummer
    ABC Daytime
    Times Square
    1500 Broadway
    NY, NY 10036-4015

    Remember the movie “Miracle on 34th St.”? We want to recreate the courtroom scene with the postal delivery of all the mail for Santa, although it will be email and snail mail re: Father Clarence to Vicki Dummer.


    (Our task next week will be themed to OLTL).


  4. I am sure I am not the only one that keeps checking to see if ABC or ANYONE will bring back OLTL. Haven’t had ABC on in my house for any other TV show in months, except for Revenge and Once upon a Time. Guess what ABC execs those are serial soap operas and that is what I crave!!! Both something on worth watching on daytime and I’ll come back!

  5. It has been proven that you can merge characters from two different soap shows – i.e. the mannings and John McBain on GH – so why doesn’t ABC find a way to merge AMC with OLTL – since both towns are suposedly near each other in PA, and make it one show? That could work really well.

  6. ABC needs to bring back AMC, the quality of the actors/actresses on that show were amazing, they cancelled them to run crappy shows, a cooking show, come on seriously–what a joke. You want ratings back put the soaps back on the air, I grew up watching AMC and I miss seeing it everyday, I fell inlove with the show, the characters and the story line. Bring it back to life and get rid of the crap that you now air, I boycotted ABC completely because of this move and I won’t be back. I know a lot of people have done the same thing, your ratings show it, get your heads out of your asses ABC execs. Please bring back All My Children!!!!!!!!

  7. Why can’t we get the SOAPS we want. OLTL is still great. I would really like to see it return somehow. It was my guilty pleasure after coming home from work.

  8. ABC should never have cancelled the shows in the first place. They replaced them to save money, but the shows they replaced them with are costing them money with lost viewers, revenue, etc, as well as people like me who REFUSE to watch their crappy network now for any reason. They need to do the right thing now and bring both shows back.

  9. What is there to say except it all just makes me extremely sad. Watched and loved them both since 1976. They have been a HUGE part of my life. I agree, deal with what you have… a great cast. YES, GH is still and always will be a favorite and have watched for as long as I have these two. Quit crying over the few lost characters and bring back these shows with all of the amazing actors you DO have!! That is the reason they were here for all these years and are loved and missed so much!! I have always said the best actors and actresses came from MY SOAPS!! Get it together please and put them back on the air, anywhere! Computer or TV!

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