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You can try too hard sometimes. Maybe that’s what’s happening with Lady Gaga. Her performance of a downer song called “Dope” on the awful You Tube Music Awards tonight was a major FAIL. The LA Times reports several thousand fans clicked off while she was singing–in the dark, looking awful, dressed like a trucker or something, who knows? Gaga’s ARTPop album is out a week from Tuesday. Maybe she’s already bored with it. But selling albums isn’t easy these days. Even Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and others have sold ok but not astounding numbers. Gaga has good songs on ARTPop. She better not blow it. Play the title track, or “Applause” or something upbeat, my dear. This is not going to work.

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  1. Gaga is a gimmick. Or at least she was. Nothing so exciting or creative about her other than her gross misuse of the gay community to try to become a club kid spectacle. There is so much great music out here and not a journalist with integrity in sight.

  2. Critics are idiots. THis comes from someone who is not just a critic, but a creator. It’s not a great song, but its not terrible, and the maing chorus tagline works fine, so give it a rest. Everyone wants to hate Lady Gaga, but what she’s achieved in her life already, not money or fame, but actual creative product, eclipses most performers and all critics, so it’s a losing battle. Even if it did suck, and it doesn’t, Applause is brilliant, and she’ll do more brilliant things tomorrow.

  3. I saw that clip and thought wtf? Yeh, she’s high or just full of herself. That was trashing singing and writing. Somebody needs to get into her head and tell her to knock it off.

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