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Friday night’s box office numbers aren’t so good for Harrison Ford. When you think that he’s in 7 of the top grossing movies of all time– the first three “Star Wars” features and all four “Indiana Jones” movies–well, yikes. “Ender’s Game” made $9.9 million on Friday, and at most will score $27 mil for the weekend. The budget was $110 mil plus costs– so let’s say the real total was $160 million. Only a tremendous reaction internationally will help.

This was Ford’s second bust of the season. “Ender’s Game” is not nearly as bad though as “Paranoia.” The August release made $7.3 million and was universally panned.

“Last Vegas” opened respectably in third place with $5.5 million. A $15 mil weekend is just fine, and the movie may build from word of mouth. Once audiences get in there, they’re going to like it.

Meanwhile, “12 Years a Slave” upped its theater count to 410 and made $1.265 mil last night. Adults: go see this film tonight. That’s an order!

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  1. Yes, Ender’s Game is a flop. Looks like it’s on track to clear about $60 million domestically. Even with international box office matching that, they won’t make back their production budget plus marketing costs (about $160 million total).

    Add to this that they don’t get to keep all box office revenues, but rather must SPLIT THEM with the theaters, and it becomes clear that Ender’s Game is quite the bomb.

    Whoever bankrolled it is going to lose quite a lot of $$$.

  2. There’s a boycott going on due to some of Orson Scott Card’s views on certain issues. It’s preventing many folks who would normally go to the film from attending.

    From some of those who have gone I’ve heard very good things.

  3. Only you Friedman would call one film a flop in the same article, and another a success-the one that you are calling a flop came in first place for the weekend, and the one that is a success came in third place.
    You are SO biased Friedman, about actors, directors, producers, studios. That is fine, but please, why don’t you just say so before you write your column, I am rooting for so and so, and be done with it!

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