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Marshall Mathers aka Eminem is back. His album has been “leaked” a few days early before its release next Tuesday. Lots of four letter words, provocative lyrics designed to make someone unhappy. And lots of samples like a big one of “Time of the Season” by the Zombies. Let’s hope they got a nice piece of change from Em. He’s never boring.

These might be my favorite lyrics. It’s kind of Eminem’s “You’ve Got a Friend”:
And if there should ever come a time where my life’s in a rut
And I look like I might just give up, eh might’ve mistook
Me for bowing out I ain’t taking a bow, I’m stabbing myself
With a fucking knife in the gut, while I’m wiping my butt!
Cause I just shitted on the mic, and I like getting cut
I get excited at the sight of my blood, you’re in a fight with a nut
Cause I’mma fight ’til I die or win


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