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The Beatles are getting their first mention in Encyclopedia Britannica in 50 years. Next February 2014, also the 50th anniversary of the group’s arrival in America, the EB has a feature on the group in their annual Book of the Year. It’s the first time since 1964. Martin Lewis, Beatles expert, wrote the entry which can be found at http://www.britannica.com/blogs/2013/10/2013-birth-of-beatlemania/

The annual volume, that surveys the most significant world events of each year, deemed the group’s global breakthrough in 1964 sufficiently noteworthy to merit a report in its Book Of The Year for that year.  But the Beatles have never warranted a second “Special Report” in that prestigious book.  Nor to the best of recollections have any other popular entertainers had a second bite of the Britannica cherry.

I’m told this is rather unusual for many reasons. The Encyclopedia Britannica primarily covers topics such as geography (26%), biography (14%), biology and medicine (11%), literature (7%), physics and astronomy (6%), religion (5%). Only 4% of the book is allocated to the arts.  Making this second “Special Report” about the Beatles all the more  prestigious.

And more Beatles news: the annual BeatleFest for collectors has been moved to NYC and the Grand Hyatt Hotel for February 7, 8. and 9th, 2014.


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