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Robert Zemeckis is getting ready to do a very low budget movie with his Forrest Gump producer Wendy Finerman. The two of them worked magic on the 1994 Best Picture. This one, I am told, is very low budget. “They’re essentially working for nothing,” Finerkan told me last night at the premiere of “Last Vegas.”

They’ll be making the film version of “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane,” a best selling children’s book by Kate DeCamillo.

What’s interesting about Zemeckis’s project is that it will be as innovative as my favorite of his films, “Who’s Afraid of Roger Rabbit?” New Line Cinema at Warner Bros. will be the official studio. Edward Tulane, like Roger, is a rabbit.

UPDATE Since I saw Wendy, I’ve heard that “Forrest Gump” itself is getting a big 20th anniversary rollout next year from Paramount. The Oscar winner will even have an anniversary theatrical run. Life is like a box of chocolates after all!


The picture is from Roger Rabbit. That’s Bob Hoskins.

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