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As Conrad Murray is released from jail today, we thought we’d catch up and find out what ever happened to the memoir and documentary about Joseph Jackson, Michael’s father. There were several announcements in the past about the two projects, called “The Architect,” which were going to explain how the elder Jackson wrought what he did.

According to a former producer on the documentary, George Paige, the documentary is now called “Making Michael.” Paige got out of the project a while ago, he told me, when it became clear that no distributor wanted it. “It’s all told from Joe Jackson’s perspective, and no one was interested. The distributors despised him [when they saw the film].”

Paige says the filmmakers needed $750,000 to finish the film and there was no way to come up with it. “It went back to the original investors, whoever they were.”

The guiding light behind the film, Johnny West, says “Making Michael” will be released “sometime after the first of the year.” He says has a distributor, but doesn’t want to announce who they are yet. West also told me there might be interest from the South by Southwest Film Festival.

In the doc, Paige recalled, Jackson senior reiterated that he and his family felt there was a “conspiracy” to kill Michael. Other than that, “it’s a clip job,” said. West confirmed that none of Michael Jackson’s music is in the film.

Neither of them knew anything about the status of the book called “The Architect,” announced two years ago with Atria/Simon & Schuster. The book isn’t listed anywhere. The editor from Atria has not returned calls. We’ll wait for an update.


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  1. I have very little interest in the Jackson family but was invited to a screening of this film. It far exceeded my expectations and is riveting. I highly recommend it.

  2. I am not that interested in the family but was invited to a private screening. It exceeded my expectations and is riveting. I highly recommend it.

  3. no one s interested or would believe what JJ has to say , he s been quoted as saying if he could he would have done things differently too little too late !! he sowed the seed about Michael s appearance by saying Michael was ugly as a child ,what parent could say that ? that s why Michael had so much surgery ,he did nt need it ever .blood on a lot of peoples hands including his own father if u can call him that !!

  4. yes there was a conspiracy to kill Michael ,I knew when he came to London to announce his this is it tour he was ill , couldn t do one show never mind 50 ! ,he phoned a bodyguard lived 4 hour s away from Michael .he called him that fateful night said help me ,help me ,they gonna kill me ,they gonna kill me !! he never got there in time .I think aeg and murray are bothe responsible for Michaels passing , too much money at stake could nt cancel the shows so only one to do Michael had to die !!

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