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UPDATE: It’s been pointed out to me that Fox Searchlight has separate distribution and marketing from “big” Fox. So “12 Years” looks like it’s going to have a big weekend. Stay tuned…

Earlier: You know that Steve McQueen’s “12 Years a Slave” is so important, so well made, so good, and one of the top 10 movies of this year or any year. But it’s having a little trouble in its launch. On Tuesday,  every other movie in release posted big gains over Monday– Tuesday is typically a big night out for adults at the cinema. But not “12 Years a Slave.” It actually dipped 6%. Tuesday night serious filmgoers should have flocked to this film. Even some of what I’d call the second tier movies did well last night– Rush, Prisoners, even Runner Runner. “Rush” posted a 35% increase over Monday. But the McQueen movie isn’t translating well. Of course, come December there will be a slew of nominations. But Fox– currently overhauling its marketing departments–may have to rethink how it’s presenting “12 Years.” And if you’re reading this, get to a theater pronto. I said it before: this is the “Schindler’s List” of the black experience.

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  1. Im an avid movie goer, probably 1-3 movies a week.
    I like dumb stuff, prestigious pics, oscar bait, etc.
    Even so, im anxious (in a bad way) to see 12 Years.

    Brutality, cruelty, abuse for 2 hours??
    Ill need to be in the right moment to watch.

  2. I live in L.A. and was surprised to hear that this film was actually released. I’ve seen some press for it but there was no marketing campaign from Fox – obviously they did not market to the large contingent of black churches here or nationwide.

  3. But, see, that’s why (the comparison to Schindler’s List) myself and no one I know is going to see it – it’s sad. And I know I’ll cry like a baby and I’d rather do that in the comfort of my own home than around strangers in a movie theater.

  4. Roger, the full nationwide release doesn’t start until this weekend, right? or am I mistaken ? I am in Baltimore and it doesn’t start showing here until this Friday. Believe me, people will be showing up to see it in Baltimore this weekend. However, it will be showing in the theaters that specialize in “artsier” movies. Perhaps that could be a reason the limited release isn’t performing as well thus far.

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