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We think of Paul McCartney as ageless, or maybe 25. But he’s 71 years young. He’d be the oldest person in the Top 50 this week if it weren’t for Willie Nelson, who’s 80, and has an album of duets with some female singers called “To All the Girls.” We can say McCartney is the oldest rocker on the charts. And he has a great album in “New” (bad title but what can you do).

“New” sold 66,000 copies and was just behind Miley Cyrus’s “Bangerz” at number 2 and Pearl Jam’s “We’re Still Here Mumbling”– er, “Lightning Bolt” at number 1 with an impressive 170,000 sold. Willie Nelson sold 42,000 and came in at number 8.

The real stunner is Cher, who’s been selling consistently for several week with her “Closer to the Truth” album. She’s at number 10. Her success is a real example of what happens when a label puts some elbow grease and moolah into an album.

Elton John’s “The Diving Board” is hanging in there at number 24 and waiting for some Grammy nominations.

My favorite new album is Gavin DeGraw’s “Make a Move” at number 12. with over 36,000 copies. If Gavin were releasing albums in 1977, he’d be number 1. But he’s not taking his clothes off or sampling anything, or having sex with machinery in videos. He’s just really talented, a Billy Joel for this generation. Check him out.

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