Home Television “Homeland” and “Masters of Sex” Renewed by Showtime for 2014

Carrie off her meds and the show is a little kooky so far. But “Homeland” will be back in 2014 for a fourth season. Showtime just announced that the most emotional terrorist hunters in history will keep looking for double agents and good pharmaceuticals next year. They’re also bringing back “Masters of Sex,” which is a no brainer. Michael Sheen and Lizzie Caplan are great, but really– an excuse to see naked people all humping every week. Come on. Genius! Showtime, all I care about is “Episodes.” It’s the antidote to everything. Even Brody enjoys it from South America.

Meantime. “Homeland” star Damian Lewis is moving into films. Remember what the “Homeland” producers said earlier this year. No one is safe. Could Carrie be tracking and falling in love with another terrorist next season? Absolutely!

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