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….The San Francisco Film Society will honor four films at its first ever Fall Gala on November 14th. One of them is close to their hearts since the amazing  “Fruitvale Station” takes place in Oakland. I have no sense of how “Fruitvale” has played in the Bay area, but the transit police should have a real sense of shame about the unprovoked murder of Oscar Grant. The other films film are “Nebraska,” “Her,” and “The Square.” All the main players for the films will be on hand including Alexander Payne and Spike Jonze. The event is co-hosted by Sid Ganis and director Chris Columbus…

…Before Comic Con last week, “X Files” star David Duchovny was out at the Hamptons Film Festival for the premiere of “Louder Than Words.” The Anthony Fabian directed  feature film which also stars Hope Davis and Timothy Hutton, tells the true story of Maria Fareri, who died in 1995 at age 13 from rabies. Her family, rather than wallow in grief, mobilized and started a children’s hospital at Westchester Medical Center in her memory.

Duchovny told our REGINA WEINREICH: “When I got the script, I knew it was based on true events, thought it was an amazing thing to have happened in real life, not even thinking of it as fiction or documentary, or somewhere in between, not that that’s what the movie is, I thought if the family has the courage or the balls to make this film I can have the same. Everybody is always looking for something that is emotionally true. Most actors are looking for a script like this.”

Duchovny was on his way to Comic Con, where rabid fans are still hoping to find the truth out there. “It’s nice that people still want to talk about The X-Files,” he said.

…Oh yes: Kanye West popped the question last night to whatsername. I always like it when parents of a child or children decide to get married. It’s such a surprise! Will they actually tie the knot? How many days before the tabloids say it’s over? And how long will it last? Just the saga will give us all something to live for…

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