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The Wikileaks movie, known as “The Fifth Estate,” is a bigger bomb than anyone could have imagined. The Disney release did $587,000 on Friday night, and will be lucky to hit $1.5 mil for the total weekend. The number of screens isn’t high– just 1,769. But new Disney chief Alan Horn must have sensed trouble brewing with the lukewarm to bad reviews.

On top of “The Lone Ranger,” Disney has had a trying year certainly. They’re waiting for Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson in “Saving Mr. Banks” to give them a good run. All signs are good for that one, and for “Thor” through Marvel. But “The Fifth Estate” is done. Julian Assange must be very happy.

Daniel Bruhl co-stars in “The Fifth Estate” and in “Rush.” Neither movie is going to be a box office hit, although “Rush” is a great film. The poor guy is so good, and he must be wondering what the heck is going on.

Elsewhere, “12 Years A Slave” opened in very limited release to very good but not breathtaking numbers. This one may have to percolate a bit. But the Steve McQueen drama is not to be missed.

More tomorrow afternoon…

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