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The search for a Christian Grey continues after Charlie Hunnam wisely bowed out. But rabid fans who have an idea of a favorite actor may still be disappointed. Sources say that some of the actors who the fans like are either too old or out of the running. For example: “True Blood” star Alexander Skarsgard is out. “He’s too old,” says a Hollywood manager who has a client peripherally in the mix.

“Vampire Diaries” star Ian Somerhalder is also out, even though he put on a summer long campaign to get the role. According to my source, the author of the book “didn’t want him.” Amazing, huh? She’s not exactly Margaret Mitchell (author of “Gone with the Wind”). “He’s too old.” As with everything Hollywood, they’re looking for younger, younger, younger. (Maybe someone from Nickelodeon?)

Wow–you’d think they were hunting for Hamlet or MacBeth. Isn’t this just handcuffs, huffing and puffing?

Not so, warns a friend of mine who loves this book. Maybe no one can ever live up to the imaginations of millions of women who’ve fantasized Christian Grey knotting his tie.

Whoever is chosen, the producers must be certain. They are planning to make three movies (yeezus!) out of this literary, er, classic.

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  1. Personally I see the character as an older man. How can a man in his 20’s be so successful, so young. The book was lousy, and from the looks of it the movie will be too.

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