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Frank Sinatra never wrote a book, that’s for sure. Woody Allen has published several and Mia Farrow, of course, has her memoir. Now Woody and Mia’s son, not Frank’s, Ronan Farrow, has signed a deal for a book. Unlike Woody’s writings, Ronan’s “Pandora’s Box” will not be humorous. Rather– the subtitle is How American Military Aid Creates America’s Enemies. Although Ronan cracks wise on Twitter, mixing pop references with global policy, this sounds like a straightforward treatise. There will be no discussion, I presume, of his parentage.

Lynn Nesbit handled the sale. The book will be published in 2015. Maybe by then Farrow will have his own show on MSNBC. It does seem like the PR blitz in Vanity Fair worked to move him to a higher profile after all.

Here’s a bit from the press release:

Pandora’s Box is a hard-hitting investigation of a surprising dark side of America’s role in the world, drawing on Ronan Farrow’s experiences as a young diplomat working with powerful decision-makers and in volatile trouble spots.  It provides a missing puzzle piece in people’s understanding of some of the biggest international crises in recent memory.  And it tells readers how to mobilize to make a difference in those crises,” [editor Ann] Godoff said.  “But it’s also a personal exploration of a generation’s struggle with how to stand with its government without losing its principles.”

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