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This should be interesting: on Tuesday morning in Los Angeles Superior Court the issue of the guardianship of Michael Jackson’s children will be addressed. The petitioner is Christine LeRoux, who said that so far neither party whom she has served– Katherine Jackson and her son, Tito, has filed an answer to her motion.

Christine LeRoux told me last night by phone that she met Michael Jackson when she was three and he was seven years old. She was living in Massachusetts. Years later, Ms. LeRoux told me, Michael asked her to donate eggs so he could have children. “Debbie Rowe was the surrogate,” she said. Ms. LeRoux also says she’s also the egg donor for Blanket, Jackson’s third child.

You would think Ms. LeRoux would be a raving maniac but she sounds pretty collected on the phone. She told me that there is evidence of her long relationship with Michael Jackson. “I called in to the Phil Donahue show in 1988 and Michael spoke to me,” she said. She is researching how to get that tape.

She told me that over the years she has had access to Jackson’s children through another friend from Neverland. She visited with the children in Massachusetts and then in Ohio, where was living. For “safety” reasons she has not come forward until because she was “threatened by several people” especially “powerful people” in Massachusetts.

Ms. LeRoux says she has an older daughter in Massachusetts who “doesn’t want to be part of this.” When I asked her how she, a three year old, met Michael, a seven year old who was not yet famous, she replied: “I’m trying to remember how we met. I was very precocious. I thought he was cute.”

As for Debbie Rowe, the official acknowledged mother of Prince and Paris, Ms. LeRoux said, “She’s very convenient for the Jacksons.”

Ms. LeRoux also mentioned that she’s “destitute” and living in transient housing while in Los Angeles.

Ms. LeRoux is not the only one who’s filed for a change in the Jackson children’s guardianship. “Billie Jean Jackson” has a petition in, There’s actually a lot of activity on this front. Someone did file for change in guardianship back on June 10th, five days after Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt. And on November 4th, there’s another motion in front of Judge Mitchell Beckloff to seal all the files regarding guardianship.

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  1. This woman is a nut. The men who have claimed to father MJ’s kids, have all shown their faces to the public. The public can compare the facial features of these men to Prince and Paris, and make their own decisions. Paris Jackson looks like Debbie Rowe. Prince not so much, but as a child he did look a lot like Paris. He resembles Arnold Klein while Paris resembles her Godfather. These people are just crazy and should be held on criminal charges for stalking celebrity children. If this is a black woman then we all know she is just a nut looking for fame and money. Michael Jackson would not use a black womans egg to produce his offspring.

  2. OMG Roger, why even report about these crazies crawling out of the woodwork? Christine should get back on the meds because her story just doesn’t add up. And “Billie Jean” is infamous for being one of the worst MJ fanatics who broke into the Encino compound after the song came out. I’m sure the judge will throw out all these bogus petitions.

  3. Powerful people in Ma?Is Duvall Patrick behind this ? LOL how ridiculous., and yet the courts will entertain this stuff, because everybody loves to have their name associated with Michael Jackson

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