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Times are tough in Mel Gibson‘s personal recession: For years and years Mel Gibson kept parking tax free millions in his private Malibu church. By 2011, the Holy Family church–which is not part of the arch diocese and doesn’t acknowledge the Pope as the leader of the Catholic Church– was claiming over $68 million in total assets. All of it came from Gibson’s AP Reilly Foundation, according to federal tax filings.

But times have changed. In 2011, Gibson had to give half of everything he had in the world to his ex-wife Robyn. The total was reported at $425 million. That included two Malibu properties. Robyn’s name was removed from A P Reilly as an officer.

Today I received the church’s 2012 tax filing. Gibson’s donation to AP Reilly — he’s always the only donor to the foundation — is significantly smaller than ever before. Gibson put only $146,269 into A P Reilly last year. It’s clear that his finances have changed. He no longer has the flexibility of hiding his money in the tax free foundation.

And it’s not just the divorce: Gibson has not starred in a regular Hollywood blockbuster

But Holy Family still claims total assets overall at almost $70 million– not bad for a church that has few families. AP Reilly did claim a massive depreciation however– $1,606,579. For the first time, also, they list no salaries, and only $60,000 for miscellaneous expenses like legal fees and insurance. There’s no mention for the first of  landscaping. It’s not clear if anyone is mowing the lawn !


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  1. First of all ‘Roger Friedman has no clue what he’s talking about now do you have a clue about the Church. It is a Traditional Catholic Church that Mr. Gibson so generously give people who want to continue with the True Church. THANK YOU David Rinsky for you oh so spot on and intelligent comment.

    Seems to the Friedmans of this world have never gotten over Mel’s amazing Passion of The Christ – which was and is a masterpiece – as is Mel Gibson – one of the most brilliant and talented men ever to grace Hollywood. Go away Mr. Friedman and take your hatred and ignorance with you – how dare you judge him.

  2. Friedman, if you don’t know that Gibson has a film out, then you don’t know your business. But of course you DO know, which is why you are writing about him.

    But if you think that Gibson is so incidental and insignificant, then why are you still and always writing about him? Of course the answer is that you are obsessed with him.

    Get over it Rog.

  3. Gee, how coincidental that you would be writing about this the day after a movie with Mel Gibson comes out?

    Maybe if Gibson molested a thirteen year old girl you would like him better.

    Why don’t you go hang out with Polanski and Allen so you will feel more at home?

  4. Complete crap article. I think the author of this article is really reaching for something to hurt/slam Mel with, yet, again, still.

    Get OVER it.

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