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I really thought the Cory Monteith tribute on “Glee” would do better. But it ranked 8th for the night among all shows last night in total audience. Fox is saying it “soared” and was their best night in a year. But that’s not a great distinction. “Glee” is in decline, and so the memorial show did well all things considered. They scored 7.8 million viewers.

“X Factor” has the same 6 to 7 million viewers for every installment. Almost every show except Sean Hayes’s dreadful NBC comedy does better. Unless something changes– maybe Simon Cowell’s baby is born live on the show– “X Factor” in the US doesn’t seem to be a candidate for renewal.

CBS had the night, of course. “Big Bang Theory” has turned into King Kong. The Robin Williams Show, called “The Crazy Ones,” is a solid big hit. “The Millers” is doing great.

Look, I love Michael J. Fox. Someone had better try and fix that show. It’s disappearing. Last night it had 3.6 million pairs of eyes. And the key demo was only 1.6 million.

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