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UPDATE Sunday Morning: A conflicting report–another source says Rowe is not planning anything. At the same time, it turns out that at least two people with no standing in way, shape or form may have filed bizarre custody requests about Michael Jackson’s kids. In the end, it’s hoped that level heads will allow the kids to remain in their current situation with Rowe as a devoted, if not legal, parent. Stay tuned…

(Sat night 6:35pm)EXCLUSIVE Sources tell me that Debbie Rowie is seriously considering a bid to get legal custody of her daughter, Paris Jackson. Paris has been at a school for troubled teens since June when she tried to take her own life. Now that the wrongful death trial is over, Rowe is said to be very close to asking the family court judge to turn Paris over to her from Katherine Jackson and her grandson, T.J.

The Michael Jackson estate, meantime, probably would be in favor of that, from what I’m told. They’ve had to endure name calling by the Jackson family, and letters to the executors suggesting malfeasance and the existence of another Michael Jackson will. “They dragged Paris and Prince through that trial for no reason,” says a source close to the case. “They’d each be better off with their own mother.”

Sources also say this would give Paris, who’s been away now from the Jacksons for months, to tell the judge with whom she should live.

I had heard rumblings about this before the jury came back this week. But now the jury has acquitted AEGLive, Rowe may feel this is a good time.  If one or both of Rowe’s kids with Michael Jackson, and even Blanket, who is not hers, moved houses, that would also create a huge shift in the power-money struggle between the estate and Michael’s siblings.

Of course, it won’t be so easy for Rowe unless the Jacksons concur with her. If the family mounts an opposition, Rowe will be heavily investigated and questioned as they’ve been.

Keep checking for updates…

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  1. I believe that Paris belongs with her Biological mother as she always should have been, and sharing with the Jackson family. The power of The Jackson’s have prevented this since the day one. The fact that she would include the youngest child only proves her unselfishness concerning the whole matter. Kids belong with their biological parents unless they prove unfit.

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