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Madonna has written what looks like a book proposal in the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar. In it she reviews her many “struggles,” white washing and rewriting plenty of history. She also describes how she was raped at knifepoint during her first year in New York City. It’s a shocking revelation except for one thing: it’s been revealed before.

Madonna talked about the rape a lot in 1995 when her “Sex” book came out. In the book, she had pictures depicting rape. The story has also been written about in several books including one published in 2001 by Randy Taraborelli. The rape is also discussed at length in another book, called “Like an Icon,” by Lucy O’Brien.


Not the rape wasn’t devastating and horrible, but Madonna knows the media better than anyone. By bringing it up again as if it were new she knows it will get attention. In the Harper’s Bazaar piece she ‘s essentially “sampling” her life.

The piece– which really does suggest she’s trying to land a book deal– Madonna also defends her involvement in the Kabbalah cult and in the way she adopted two children from the African country Malawi. She doesn’t mention her failed charity, millions of missing dollars, unrealized promises. etc. She also says she is now funding schools in Islamic countries– without giving any specifics.

Meantime, here’s my piece from this week about how Raising Malawi, Madonna’s African charity, finished 2012 in the red: http://www.showbiz411.com/2013/10/03/exclusive-madonna-malawi-charity-almost-half-a-mil-in-the-red-for-2012

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