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UPDATE: An astute reader points out this is Leah Michele singing “Make You Feel My Love” Adele-style. That’s even more of a tear jerker. Good for ratings.

Earlier: “Glee” will say good bye to Cory Monteith and his character Finn next week. By the looks of the clip, it will be a maudlin affair. The music is Adele singing Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” from her 19 album (the one with “Chasing Pavements”). “Glee” is starting to fade in the ratings but this episode is sure to be its big last stand at the top of the charts.

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  1. Sir, have you ever watched the show? I have great respect for your insight on all aspects of entertainment but I fear you have wandered into an area were you are commenting without knowledge. One minor correction and then I will leave Adele is not singing “Make you feel my love” as is usual with Glee, a member of the cast is singing it and in this case it is Lea Michele

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